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Adidas Eyewear Mactelo Shiny Black / Grey Polarized

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Adidas Eyewear Mactelo Shiny Black / Grey Polarized
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Adidas Eyewear Mactelo Shiny Black / Grey Polarized. The mactelo is a statement for casual eyewear. The 8-base decentered Vision AdvantageTM PC Lens available with LSTTM and polarized technology harmonizes extreme light fluctuations while enhancing the light contrast effect. Flex ZonesTM incorporated into the SPXTM frame give extra flexibility allowing the eyewear to stretch and adapt to wearer-s head width.


- Polarized

One key feature of adidas eyewear lenses is the combination of Light Stabilizing Technology- with polarized filter technology, giving the eyes maximum protection and reducing fatigue. The special filters protect the wearer-s eyes effectively from light reflected off surfaces such as water, ice and snow.

Maximum protection

The special filters have a protection level of 3 and provide 88% light absorption. They protect the wearer-s eyes from irritating glare and reflections. The light thrown back from highly reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or wet tarmac, is successfully eliminated.
The filters also compensate for extreme light variations and filter out dangerous light waves up to 400 nanometers, ensuring clear vision at all times. Perception is enhanced in all light conditions, contrasts are intensified and rapid changes from light to dark are harmonized. This helps to counteract visual fatigue and increase concentration levels. The LST- Polarized Filter maintains natural color perception.

10 base LST- polarized filters

adidas eyewear is the first and only sports eyewear producer to offer a 10 base LST- polarized silver filters. The high 10 base curve perfectly surrounds the eyes and offers an optimal all-round view. The eyes are protected from the wind and the penetration of sunrays from the side. It also increases the volume and circulation of air between the filter and the eyes, thus minimizing the risk of condensation. The arc of the lens corresponds to that of the human eye, providing greater comfortable vision.

- Decen
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