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Fecha: 27/08/2013
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Agv Pista Gp Rossi Project 46 Edition Limited

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Agv Pista Gp Rossi Project 46 Edition Limited
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Agv Pista Gp Rossi Project 46 Edition Limited. `I consider the PistaGP helmet to be a homage to Gino Amisano, an enterpreneur I admired for his ability to innovate, for the standards he set and for the competitive spirit he had when he faced a challenge. The new helmet is based on AGV Standards, the project that follows Amisanos core values and revolutionizes helmet development, setting new standards for protection and ergonomics that can be demonstrated. The new generation of helmets developed through this project has the task of bringing AGV to lead again in both the market and the technical field.` Lino Dainese.

A helmet designed expressly for professional use. Sets new performance standards with its wide field of vision, low weight and compact dimensions, extensive ventilation, exclusive ergonomic design and class-leading aerodynamics.

Instead of designing helmets around the outer shell, the AGV STANDARDS start with the riders head, which is measured digitally using laser scanning technology. Three-dimensional scanning is a highly-precise technology (to a tenth of a millimetre) that allows one to convert anthropomorphic shapes into digital data and then carry out accurate research on the human physiognomy. This research then becomes the starting point for designing the parts of the helmet which are in contact with the face.

Accurate 3D research into the shape of the face has enabled us to design helmet inner shells and linings in ways never achieved before to obtain a comfort lining that is optimised for different roles, with different foam densities to maintain the aerodynamic position of the helmet, breathable fabrics and anatomical geometries. Combining ergonomic research with measurements of rider posture has allowed us to design the helmet components and visor opening to achieve the fullest field of view toward the horizon.

9% bigger visor window 9%. This gives the rider better visibility of the track
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