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Alpinestars Tech 10 Graphics Kit Gold

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Alpinestars Tech 10 Graphics Kit Gold
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Alpinestars Tech 10 Graphics Kit Gold. The Alpinestars Tech 10 boot has a revised ergonomic design. The revolutionary development concepts have produced the most streamlined, balanced and protective MX boot yet to hit the market. US Sizing Chart


- Inner Ankle Brace System: Several key objectives for the development team working on the Tech 10 became apparent. The first was to improve the performance of the boots safety structure. Existing Alpinestars boots have ankle protection and support built inside their construction. To improve on the concept, bringing protection closer to the body, a new inner brace was developed. Having discarded the use of a single hinge boot system, (a concept Alpinestars had developed and patented designs for in the mid-80s, but never adopted because of excessive stress put on the knee) a revolutionary solution was developed. Using some of the lessons learned in the companys road racing program, where the Alpinestars Supertech boot leads the way with its unique torsion bar ankle support, the new MX brace features a patented double-hinged assembly. However, the Tech 10 brace shares no common components with the Supertech version, besides the hard-compound torsion bars, have been designed specifically to cope with the particular demands of MX riding.

- The double hinge joint allows upper and lower protective structures to protect the ankle and heel, while giving complete freedom, flexibility and feel to the rider by following the natural movements of the foot and ankle, with no constraint until the point of over extension. To give the rider the ability to further lessen stresses put on the knee, a major concern for many, a replaceable softer-material inner bar is included with the Tech 10. This allows the rider to customize the degree of ankle control and therefore the amount of possible stress tranS/Mitted to the knees when the boot gets into deep ruts etc. The system also minimizes the chances of sprains and twists, while als
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