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Cateye Q3a Altitude

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Cateye Q3a Altitude
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Cateye Q3a Altitude. The all-encompassing multi sports training solution.


- The Q3a is CatEye-s new all-encompassing solution for your multi-sports needs.

- The Q3a feature all of the standard cycling functions along with an accurate heart rate monitor and altimeter in a compact, wrist-mounted, downloadable package.

- The Q3a allows you to customize your training experience with 5 programmable heart rate zones, up to 99 laps with real time lap functions, and both time and distance interval functions.

- There are programmable time and distance countdown functions and a cadence tracker, a temperature gauge and, when those open water swims call, is waterproof up to 30m.

- The Q3a enhances your training with a fully functioning altimeter that will display your current and ascending altitude measurements as well as the slope angle.

- The Q series functions on a 2.4GHz digitally encoded wireless band and will store up to 30 training files, downloadable with the USB Dongle (available separately).

- Along with your training data, it will record your total weekly, monthly, and yearly time and distance automatically.

- A handlebar mount and cadence sensor are included so you-ll be ready to go right out of the box.


- Upper display: Current speed: 0.0(4.0)�.0km/h (for 27-inch tire size)

- Average speed: 0.0�.0km/h [0.0 93.0 mph]

- Maximum speed: 0.0(4.0)�.0km/h [0.0 (3.0) 93.0 mph]

- Average lap speed: 0.0�.0km/h [mph]

- Maximum lap speed: 0.0(4.0)�.0km/h [mph]

Middle display: Current heart rate: 0(30) ~ 240bpm

- Average heart rate: 0~ 240bpm

- Maximum heart rate: 0(30) ~ 240bpm

- Average lap heart rate: 0~ 240bpm

- Maximum lap cadence: 0(30) ~ 240bpm

- Current cadence: 0(20)�rpm

- Average cadence: 0�rpm

- Maximum cadence: 0(20)&
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