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Catlike Kompact O Black

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Catlike Kompact O Black
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Catlike Kompact O Black. It doesnt matter how the name of this myth evolves as seasons go by. The model that was named just as Kompact when it appeared, continues offering an attractive design that is still valid a decade later.

Kompact embodies the philosophy of the brand: compact, secure helmets with reduced volume. Many details have been improved during these years, but the essence of the helmet that was our top of the range stays the same.


An exclusive Catlike design in which the big frontal air intakes are connected to large exit vents located in the rear. This makes the airflow constant inside the helmet, avoiding overheating.

Our Catlike exclusive rear adjustment system `MPS` (Multi Positioning System) allows the adjustment of the rear part of the helmet in differents dimensions: up-down, open-close.

Crash Energy Splitter, a design based on the concrete location of the air intakes, so that any impact will share more than one nerve,
splitting the crash energy among many points and absorging it in the most efficient way. This technology allows us to eliminate
material and maintain a much reduced weight.

Design based on a specific lower rear structure that delivers extra protection to the back side of the head.

A technology developed and patented by Catlike, based on an inner net that reinforces the helmet structure, delivering safety and lightness. Our Air Tube System is made by hollow and elastic tubes full of air that create a inner mesh that woks as a safety item in impact situations,decreasing and absorbing more efficiently the crash energy.
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