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Localidad: Celrà
Provincia: Girona
Fecha: 27/08/2013
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Dalbello Scorpion Sr 130 12/13

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Dalbello Scorpion Sr 130 12/13
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Dalbello Scorpion Sr 130 12/13. NEW 98 mm performance last featuring Contour 4 Fit Technology, the SR 130 fits the foot precisely and accurately.

FIS approved 43mm stand height with the same interchangeable 1.5° & 4.5° stance angle footboards as the SR 150 model.

The SR 130 is an aggressive, hard charging boot for top level performance skiers and racers.

High performance has never felt so good right out of the box!


Classic 2 Piece Overlap design ski boots are the industry-s most common design construction. 2 Piece overlap skiboots (sometimes referred to as -shellfit- boots) incorporate two structural elements - (1) a lower shell with overlapping and underlapping flanges that -wrap- to adapt to different volume feet and feet shapes securing the lower foot inside the ski boot, and (2) an upper cuff with over and underlapping flanges which, when closed, secure the lower leg and ankle inside the ski boot.

Structurally, 2 piece overlap ski boots are simple constructions that are highly variable in volume. They are simple to open and close and are designed to hold the skier-s foot and leg in a strong and balanced stance position, permitting energy and leverage to be transferred from the skier-s feet and legs to the skis for performance and and control.

The -overlapping- function of the 2 piece design allows the over and underlapping flanges of the shell and cuff to slide across one another when the buckles are tightened, therby adapting the volume of the shell and cuff to the individual skier-s foot and lower leg.Dynamic function in these designs is regulated by changing structural design elements (cuff and shell angle, cuff height, height of lower shell sidewalls, plastic stiffness, innerboot designs and constructions.

Simple construction. Bulletproof.

Very close fitting -connected-to-ski- feel.

Progressive and powerful for enhanced steering and control Top choice of technical and traditional performance skiers.

Contour 4 Technology
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