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Dive Rite Rx10 Slimline Led Complet System

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Dive Rite Rx10 Slimline Led Complet System
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Dive Rite Rx10 Slimline Led Complet System. The RX10 is the next generation in our advanced LED lighting systems. Incredibly bright with a tight, fixed focus beam. As always, the RX brand utilizes an intelligent microprocessor control unit to keep the light operating at peak efficiency.

This smart controller monitors the battery voltage, alerts the diver to low battery upon turn on and monitors temperature for device protection.

At full power, the RX10 has a seven hour burn time, however, using smart technology, the RX10-s microprocessor -thinks- for the diver and automatically switches from full power to a graduated voltage drop to extend battery run-time while maintaining usable light.

A key added safety feature is the battery check function. The diver can check battery state-of-charge by simply switching the unit on. If the unit flashes three rapid pulses, the diver knows that the battery is low before the dive and will start in the half-power [continued]


- 1000 system lumens @ full power

- Lux ratings: 10,500 @ 1 meter as measured using a Konica Minolta Chroma Meter

- CREE® XLamp® LED, 10,000 hour life

- Color Correlated Temperature (CCT): 6,000 Kelvin

- Power Consumption - 12Watts @ maximum output using a 12v 4500ma NiMH slimline battery. Does not fall under TSA travel restrictions. NiMH Smart Charger automatically adjusts to 110/220 volts AC and 50/60Hz frequency.

- 6-hour burn time. Four hours at full power with an additional two hours at reduced power using fresh, conditioned batteries

- Depth rating - 500 feet (152 m)

- 3.8 lbs (1.72 kg) including battery, Buoyancy (-1.25 lbs)

- Slimline canister: 9-(L) x 2.6- (dia.)

- [22.86 cm x 6.60 cm]

- Made in the U.S.A.

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