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Garmin Solar Charger

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Garmin Solar Charger
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Garmin Solar Charger. Stay off the beaten track for longer with the Garmin external power pack by powermonkey-eXplorer.

Designed specifically for Garmins range of fitness and outdoor products, this water-resistant power pack houses a 2200mAh lithium-Ion battery capable of recharging 5V devices while remaining robust, compact and lightweight enough for space and weight-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

Suitable for even the most demanding riders, the external power pack provides real power when you need it most - the added 20 hours of extra ride time on the Edge® 800 makes the combination ideal for everything from week-long touring holidays to 24 hour marathon racers.

Users can recharge the pack 3 ways via:

- The included folding solar panel which allows the external power pack to be recharged to one third in 5 hours and fully within 15 hours

- The universal mains charger compatible in more than 150 countries

- USB in under 7 hours.

Whats in the Box:

- External power pack with permanent mini USB connection.

- Folding solarmonkey solar panel.

- Female USB2 connector.

- Female mini USB to 3.5 x 1.1 convertor tip.

- Velcro strap to attach solar panel to rucksack, tent, etc.

- Bike bracket with Velcro strap.

- Universal mains charger.

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