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K2 Comp 50th 5500 Impactt

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K2 Comp 50th 5500 Impactt
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K2 Comp 50th 5500 Impactt. Inspired by the iconic red, white and blue graphic that catapulted K2 onto a global stage in the early 70-s, the 50th Anniversary Recoil is a tribute to original K2 Comp.

Promoted and made famous by the Performers who pioneered the freestyle movement, the 50th Anniversary Recoil continues to push the next generation of the Freestyle movement with a tool designed to attack the entire mountain, park and urban features.


- Binding Options: No Binding

- Performance: All-Mountain: 50%, Park: 50%

- Radius: 20m @ 179/ Bi-Directional Taper

- Construction: TwinTech Sidewall Triaxial Braided Fir/Aspen Core


Bi-Directional Taper:

The tip is still wider but closer in width to the tail. This allows the ski to perform exceptionally well while skiing in the forward direction but the taper enables the skier to have similar switch arc for better and more consistent switch riding.

Triaxial Braiding:

Triaxial braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control.

Developed in 1988 by K2 engineers, the patented triaxial braiding machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled wood core.

While flex and torsion vary depending on the wood, Triaxially braided skis share the common traits of ease, forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy in both expert and entry level skis.

3.5 mm Edges:

Factory Team skis use thick, durable steel edges.

It is far more resistant to cracking for a more durable, longer lasting ski.

Twin Tech Sidewalls:

This new Twin Tip specific construction process increases the durability of sidewall skis. A traditional sidewall construction produces a 90-degree angle where the top material and sidewall meet.

The Twin Tech construction actually rolls the top material into the sidewall reducing the angle that is prone to abuse.

All Terrain Rocker:

ROCKER: Easy initiation, versatility, agility

CAMBER: Control, edge hold, rebound

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