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Fecha: 27/08/2013
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Nordica Dead Money 11/12

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Nordica Dead Money 11/12
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Nordica Dead Money 11/12. Dead Money:

Created for the Park and Pipe skier, the newest technology and design brings a 3 piece boot that is the lightest on the market.

Dual-Fold tongue design provides progressive flex, making the boot easy and reactive at first then progressive to stiff to support hard landings.

Full Shock Eraser technology provides the necessary dampening while never effecting the performance.

New ergonomically designed buckle closure system provides optimal surface area and solid leverage to insure the best possible wrapping of the foot. Flex 100-120, 100 mm last width.


- Last Shape: 101 mm.

- Flex Index: up to 120 progressive.

- Size Range: 24.0 - 29.5.

- Material: SEBS.

- Easy Entry: Tongue.

- Shell Type: PFP Performance Fit (lightweight).

- Buckle Material: ALU.

- Macro-Adjust: 2 positions screwed.

- Rear Spoiler: Quick Set FSE.


- 45 Degree Retention:

Maximum heel retention, forefoot comfort, easiest entry and exit regardless of temperature.

- Progressive Flex with Tongue Rebound.

- Full Shock Eraser:

Maximum dampening of shock.

- All New Shell Design:

Completely redesigned shell to address todays skiing style, more lateral precision

- Rubber Insole:

Ultimate traction for walking on hard surfaces, rocks, and anywhere you may need additional traction, traction while riding snowmobiles

- Pant Clip Holder.

- Dynamic Performance Code:

It measures the tree performance parameters. STIFFNESS, PROGRESSION, REBOUND. Stiffness measures the amount of force needed to bend the boot forward.

The higher the boot stiffness, the higher the transmission of power to the ski. Progression - progression represents the increase in stiffness as the boot is flexed forward from the neutral position to deepest flex point.

The bigger progression, the stiffer the boot behaves through the forward flex allowing the most precise load transmission of the ski. Rebound - Rebound measures the rate at which the boot returns to t
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